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We’ll not only help plan your next move but we’ll assist you with all the tax implications you face along the way. Our advisors will remain by your side always. Our advice to you is independent and unbiased, and is based on years of experience in helping others.

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Accounting & compliance

Successful people and successful businesses usually have one thing in common - they’re built on a foundation of disciplined financial management and compliance. It may seem like a small thing, but the simple knowledge that you are fully compliant can release you to concentrate on the most important aspect of your business - maximising your opportunities.

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You may be starting up, buying or selling a business or major asset, retiring, restructuring, expanding or perhaps bringing in new ownership or funding. At all those big moments in your business, professional taxation advice is crucial to safeguard and maximise your position for the present and also into the future.

Business Advice Gold Coast

We are an innovative Gold Coast accounting and advisory firm that specialises in helping people, like you, better manage, protect and grow their business and assets.

We understand the complexities of running a business and use the right blend of expertise and technology to ensure your business is running like clockwork so you can focus on doing what you do best. Get the right advice and services when you need, from the right people to help you grow.

Finance Modelling

From profit maximising and cost analysis, access to timely and meaningful reporting of your organisation

Cloud Accounting

At the OnPoint Advisory we can assess your Cloud Accounting needs and provide an independent recommendation of the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

Business Support

Our Business Support Services can keep your business running smoothly, by providing assistance with Payroll, H.R. Services, and Bookkeeping.

Business Life Plan

Create a plan for your business that sets specific goals and objectives. These are not set in stone and are capable of being changed in response to shifting markets and your personal needs.

Business Advice Gold Coast

As Australia’s sixth largest and one of the fastest growing cities, the Gold Coast is a perfect location to establish a new business or relocate an existing business to.

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Business Advice Gold Coast

Arguably Australia’s most famous tourist destination and real estate hot spot, the Gold Coast is a one of the best locations to start and run a business.


But just like everywhere else in Australian, it is just as possible for an ill prepared business the fail on the Gold Coast.


Local knowledge is an important factor in planning any business.


Who are your competitors? What is the market and demand like for what you wish to sell?


The best place to find the answers to all your questions is OnPoint Advisory.


Our team of expert business advisors can help you get your business launched right, assisting and training you through your business planning phase, all the way through to your opening. Without an effective business plan, your business may stall as you will have no direction.


Your business plan is just a document, a guide as to how you want your business to operate and grow. But it is not the most essential part in operating a successful business.


Having a business advisor who can steer you through the complexities of planning, setting up, and running your business is an asset that will become invaluable. You will find OnPoint Advisory to be just such an asset to your future enterprise.


Why Start Your Business on the Gold Coast?


So, what makes the Gold Coast stand out from the rest of Australia as the best choice to start a business?


Here are a few reasons:


  • A beautiful place to live.Why would you want to live anywhere else? Beautiful beaches, great weather, natural beauty, thriving restaurants, booming entertainment industry, some of the best theme parks in Australia and world class education providers.
  • Low cost of living. Queensland has lower taxes, lower energy and fuel costs, lower grocery costs, lower housing costs, and more.
  • Low cost of business.Due to the lower cost of living, that salary expectations tend to be lower In Queensland. Business costs such as transport and fuel are also typically lower than other states.
  • Massive Growing Economy.As the premier tourist destination within Australia, there is a growing number of people coming to the Gold Coast to enjoy their vacations, and in doing so, spending with local businesses. You also need to just look at the new developments that are wither underway of in development for the Gold Coast over the next few years.


There is a lot of potential to make money on the Gold Coast, but you still need to ensure that your business will not become one of the statistics of failed businesses. With so many Australian businesses failing to last beyond three years, it pays to seek quality advice.


Challenges to Doing Business on the Gold Coast


If you develop a plan for your business and heed the appropriate advice, the likelihood of your business success on the Gold Coast will improve. But there still are challenges.


  • Competition. As with every other state, you will face competition for your products and services. For you to stand out in the market you will need to bring an original angle for your and invest tremendous energy in getting your business up and running.


  • Ebb’s and Flows If you are going to enter the market that is linked to tourism or the film industry, you will need to expect highs and lows for your business. If there is ever a movement within the economy across the world, people’s travel plans are usually the first to be affected and the film studios can make decisions on their next shoot based on the movement in the value of the Australian dollar.


If you want to get your business off on the right foot and running at its potential, then reach out to OnPoint Advisory for the advice you need.  Contact OnPoint Advisory and talk with our business advisor today.

Unique Services


We guide you through the financial, commercial and regulatory complexity to help you achieve the best possible outcome. So when the game does change, you will be fully aware of the impact to you and your business.


We can help facilitate a successful sale of your business to the right person, ensuring you don’t lose the value of many years of hard work or look at viable options to get the full value of the business when you exit in the future


Your business and your life are one and the same thing. That's why you need a financial adviser who understands business from the inside, and can make recommendations that take both business and personal interests into account.


We help you measure different aspects of your business and its success over time. We also assess how well your success matches up with your budgets.

Strategy Development
A combination of leadership development and business planning tools will help drive your business to higher performance.

Over the years, we have worked with every level of and every kind of organisation, to work beside them to:

  • Drive future objectives over the long term
  • Provide discipline and rhythm to elevate thier performance
  • Guide and support owners to unlock their  potential.
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Strategy Development

Now You Know Us
Plan for the future.

If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be? What is that “something” you have always wanted to do? What is your lifelong ambition? What are your passions? What lights the fire in your heart? Something that makes you excited? How will you describe yourself? What do other people say about you?

Business Planning
Planning for the future.

Just like there is a need to prepare a business plan so that your business provides you with the financial outcomes that you desire, it is important to prepare a financial plan so that your personal financial future is also looked after.

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