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Virtual CFO Services

A Virtual CFO provides expert advice on your business and assists with planning and monitoring.

Your business is growing. Sales are increasing, your team has expanded and your customers are happily.

The bad news is that your accounting approach is not up to date and you need a solid financial operation system to support your growth.

This is where the OnPoint Advisory Digital CFO program can help.

Real Time Advice

Looking at your financial reports after the end of the financial year can mean it is often too late to fixed a bad decision. At OnPoint Advisory, our Gold Cost Business Advisors review and analyse your business in real time, thanks to Cloud Accounting, to identify risks and opportunities for your business. Having up to date and accurate data allows a business to make more informed decisions.

Planning & Reports

Having a financial plan for your business, including a budget and cash flow forecast, is vital. Even more valuable is regular comparison of you plans against you actual data. This will highlight areas that will need focus for you to achieve your goals. We have assisted our clients monitor their businesses with some extraordinary results.

Goals and Projects

Planning and implementing budgets and forecast is the first step for a business to succeed. Ensuring you stay on track is just as important. Having an independent party keep you focused and on track will see your business grow. We work with clients on a regular basis to ensure they are on track.

Reasons to have a Virtual CFO 
  • We are hands on within your business

  • We provide education through coaching

  • Provide reliable and accurate financial information

  • Minimise the risks of your business

We Become Part Of Your Team

You have access to experienced professionals in financial management with the right skills and knowledge to support your business

Grow Your Business

It helps free up time for you to focus on growing your business

Develop A Plan

It helps you build a healthy financial strategy and execute it

Better Value To You

It costs less than hiring a full team, allowing you to invest your resources in other areas

Varying Services Available

You can start with the package that best suits your needs and upgrade as the business grows

Are you looking for a CFO?

Having Virtual CFO can help you grow your business but also save you the cost associated with a full time employee.