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Rate Your Business Health

When thinking about the state of your business today, please allocate a score of 1, 2 or 3 to the following Business Health Factors

1=below your expectations,
2=meets your expectations,
3=exceeds your expectations

Please be honest with your rating – your business, it’s customers and staff are counting on it!

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1. Consistent business systems and processes ensure regularity of business performance, which is critical to delivering customer service and efficient outcomes.
2. People are key to driving business performance – are you getting value from your investment in people? Are your expectations and staff job responsibilities being met?
3. Are your expectations regarding the financial performance of the business being met? Are you a solvent business (i.e. consistently meeting current financial commitments), and are you also meeting financial projections and budgets?
4. Are your customers meeting your payment terms? Are billing processes and follow-up timely and in close proximity to when services or products are provided or sold?
5. Cash flow is the blood in the veins of your business, allowing you to operate day to day. Is the blood flow strong or weak? Does the business experience periods of tight or constrained cash flow that impact day-to-day operations?
6. Are you meeting your obligations and commitments to suppliers? Are you meeting your statutory payments to parties such as the ATO?
7. The strength and diversity of your WIP is a measure of he business maintainable earnings. Do you have a solid order book into the future?
8. In order to manage risk and meet customer expectations, you need to know exactly where projects are up to, in terms of scope, delivery and financial processes, such as invoicing.
9. Are you actively and dynamically measuring the quality outcomes of what you produce/sell/provide? Or do you only find out about quality when you get a complaint?
10. Are your clients’ expectations being met? Measure this by seeking feedback from clients, and keep track of repeat business and customer retention.
11. Do you feel in control of the day-to-day activities your business undertakes? Are tasks planned, scheduled, prioritised?
12. Do you have an active process within the business for identifying and addressing key risks – payment, market, customer, safety – that may dramatically impact the fortunes of your business?
13. Is your people culture conducive to a positive, open and interactive team environment that is rewarding for the business and the individuals that work within it?
14. Are you maintaining and growing the value of your business? Are you getting a decent remuneration as an owner working in the business for your day-to-day work, and also a return on the funds you have employed? How vulnerable is the business to outside events?
15. Successful businesses have a keen eye on the future. They plan out where the business needs to be at least in the next 12 months (and beyond) and they have a budget and projection for how that will be achieved.