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We are an innovative Gold Coast Accounting and advisory firm based in Robina that specialises in helping people, like you, better manage, protect and grow their business and assets.

We understand the complexities of running a business and use the right blend of expertise and technology to ensure your business is running like clockwork so you can focus on doing what you do best. Get the right advice and services when you need, from the right people to help you grow.

We provide
Advice & planning

Whether planning for future growth, making a purchase, planning a sale, or considering an exit strategy, our team offers timely advice and technical expertise that allow you to make informed decisions, while keeping your focus on the day to day management of your business.

We do
Accounting & compliance

Maintaining your accounting books and financial records in accordance with Australian regulations, preparing and lodging documentation required by local authorities can be a very time consuming and costly exercise. It places an added administrative burden on your staff with a greater potential for risk and significant penalties for failing to deliver. Our team can satisfy your compliance, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

We advise on

The Australian taxation landscape is continually changing. As an individual taxpayer, corporate or trust you need to ensure your financial affairs are managed in a way that is both tax effective and compliant with the law.

Finance Modelling

From profit maximising and cost analysis for your Small Business, access to timely and meaningful reporting of your organisation is a key factor to it's growth.

Cloud Accounting

At the OnPoint Advisory Robina Accountant, we can assess your Cloud Accounting needs and provide an independent recommendation of the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

Business Support

Our Business Support Services can keep your business running smoothly, by providing assistance with Payroll, H.R. Services, and Bookkeeping.

Business Life Plan

Create a plan for your small business that sets specific goals and objectives.Without a plan a business is like a yacht without a rudder, it will sail along without direction and control.

Unique Services


We guide you through the financial, commercial and regulatory complexity to help you achieve the best possible outcome. So when the game does change, you will be fully aware of the impact to you and your business.


We can help facilitate a successful sale of your business to the right person, ensuring you don’t lose the value of many years of hard work or look at viable options to get the full value of the business when you exit in the future


Your business and your life are one and the same thing. That's why you need a financial adviser who understands business from the inside, and can make recommendations that take both business and personal interests into account.


We help you measure different aspects of your business and its success over time. We also assess how well your success matches up with your budgets.

Strategy Development

A combination of leadership development and business planning tools will help drive your business to higher performance.

OnPoint Advisory Robina Accountants, we have worked with every level of and every kind of organisation, to work beside them to:

  • Drive future objectives over the long term

  • Provide discipline and rhythm to elevate thier performance

  • Guide and support owners to unlock their  potential.

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Strategy Development

Looking For An Accountant
Who Will Get Results

OnPoint Advisory Gold Coast Small Business Accountants based in Robina provide peace of mind for businesses and individuals looking for outstanding customer service, fast and easy tax returns and business advice.Our Robina Accounting firms provide accounting solutions for a wide range of industries and professions. No matter how complex or simple your financials are, our specialised team of advisors can help. Choosing the correct accountant is important, which is why we offer a free no obligation initial consultation.

Robina Business Accountant
You Can Trust

here are many reasons our clients continue to work with us. We provide solutions for our clients either through our own knowledge or through our range of referral partners. We are Business Advisors and not just Accountants. We offer advice in all areas from experience over the last 25 years. Financials and Tax Return are not the focus – we value understanding our clients’ needs and wants. Proactive – we get involved with and listen to our clients to help them with any problems in business and life.

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We offer a FREE initial business consultation to all new clients