Is it time for a change?
All too often we hear the same comments and complaints from friends and associates:

• "It’s impossible to get hold of my accountant"
• "They don’t keep me informed"
• "I don’t feel like I’m getting sound advice"
• "I don’t properly understand tax planning, estate planning or compliance"
• "I never know what their costs are going to be until I see a bill"
• “My accountant doesn’t understand my business”
• “My accountant doesn’t get back to me for weeks”
• “My accountant is kind of stuck in his ways and wont use online accounting“
• “My accountant takes too long to do my accounts””
• “I only hear from my accountant once a year”
• 'They can't explain to me how the end result was achieved'

In response, we have drawn on years of experience to develop a easy process to help you through the transition period.

We will do the leg work for you. 
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Changing accountants is often perceived as being a chore, time-consuming and a costly exercise. This is simply not the case.

Changing accountants takes one phone call or a chat over a coffee and one signature. We handle the rest, leaving you to focus on your business during the transition.

We have successfully transitioned dozens of accounts, usually to the bottom-line advantage of incoming clients.

Is it time for you?